how to improve yourself? 4 ways to improve yourself.

4 Ways to improve yourself 

1. Avoid multitasking

Many people fool themselves into thinking that they are good at multitasking. But actually few can do it good. To make your work efficient and improve you have to focus on a single horizon. First complete first and then move to next is the source to better work and less mistakes. Multitasking can kill your intelligence.

2.Read Everyday

Books are concentrated source of wisdom. The more books you read the more wisdom you expose yourself to. Reading can also improve your imagination skill. Here are some books
you can start reading to enrich yourself. The books I’ve read and found so good. Who moved my cheese, 7 habits, reclaim your heart.

3.Pick up new hobby

Beyond just your usual favourite hobbies there must be something you can pick and apply to you.  Any new sport you can learn or language? Either it’s a sport or language it improve and stretch yourself into different paths and will effect mentally, physically and emotionally.

4.Overcome your fears

All of us have fears, fear of uncertainty, fear of public speaking, fear of risk. Fear keeps us in the same position and don’t let us grow. Know that areas where fear reflects you to grow. Fear is the compass to growth. Just stand and let the fear passes.